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by Archives September 16, 2008

The godfathers of boy bands are back! Nearly 20 years since their last tour, the New Kids on the Block’s revival tour is selling out across North America.
This Saturday the middle-aged “kids” bring the music of The Block, their first studio album in 14 years, to the Bell Centre.
“[It’s] evolved into a respectful healthy mature adult sort of screaming,” said Donnie Wahlberg backstage at the MuchMusic Video Awards in June.
“It’s a chance for them to just let their hair down and be kids again. It’s a chance for us to do that as well.”
Since Splitsville in 1994, each member went down a different avenue and built very different solo careers. Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight continued on a musical path each releasing solo albums. McIntyre went on to appear in Broadway musicals, notably Wicked and also starred on TV’s Boston Public.
Wahlberg concentrated his independence on an acting career appearing in films like Saw and the mini-series Band of Brothers.
Danny Wood dabbled in producing, while Jonathan Knight fully withdrew from the entertainment industry to build a career in real estate.
With each Kid living on their own block, the boy band’s reformation is the most unexpected, unlikely comeback of 2008. Though it comes as a surprise, there have been attempts and talks of a reunion since 1999.
“We’ve had many offers in the past, but it was always on someone else’s agenda,” MacIntyre explained. “It [had to be] about us wanting to make music together again.”
Together the Kids released The Block featuring guests such as The Pussycat Dolls, Lady GaGa, Ne-Yo and Akon. Catering to their fans from the past and a fresh fan base, the boys merged the past and the present creating a possible future for the quintet.
“I don’t think we’re having mid-life crises.” Wahlberg insisted. “We’re having fun and we’re getting to do something we haven’t done in a long time.”
The Kids are doing more than reliving their wonder years. They seem to have moved in on the current music scene and are doing it again. They’re the new kids on the block.

New Kids on the Block perform at the Bell Centre, Saturday, Sept. 20.

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