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by Archives September 30, 2008

Local News

David Suzuki foundation opens shop in Montreal

The David Suzuki foundation opened an office downtown and launched a new, French-language website last week. The foundation is well known within English-speaking Canada, but is less known in Quebec. The new francophone director of the foundation felt that, perhaps, this is because of a language barrier. Green and environmental organizations tend to have a hard time fundraising in Quebec. Through direct marketing the foundation hopes to make more French Canadians aware and supportive.

Gearing up for winter

This winter will mark the first in which winter tires will be mandatory on all cars in Quebec. All cars registered in Quebec will have to have winter tires from Nov. 15 to April 15. Quebec is the first province to make winter tires mandatory. Over 700 people died in car accidents in Quebec in 2006, which will hopefully decrease due to the new law. Members of the National Assembly voted last year on a number of road safety legislations. Other laws include using a hands-free device for cell phones while driving; stiffer penalties for repeat offenders; and compulsory driver’s education courses for new drivers. Police are currently working out how, exactly, to enforce the new laws.

Don’t take the bus to Winnipeg

A 20-year old man was stabbed on a Greyhound bus headed for Winnipeg last Sunday. The attack comes almost two months after a man was beheaded on a Greyhound bus, also headed for Winnipeg. The stabbing occurred halfway between Sault-Saint Marie and Thunder Bay, Ontario. The victim was rushed to a hospital with minor injuries. According to Ontario provincial police the suspect, David Wayne Roberts, 28, had been arrested earlier, in Wawa Ont., for disturbing the peace. He was taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and doctors decided he was not a threat to himself or anyone else. Police put him on the bus to his home in Northern Ontario.

The party that likes to party

The NDP has lost a third candidate in B.C. Julian West, candidate for Saanich-Gulf Islands, announced he was withdrawing on Tuesday morning after reports emerged that he had skinny dipped in front of teenagers 12 years ago. Confirming the allegations, West said that although nothing “inappropriate” had happened, he wanted the focus of the election to remain on the issues, not on his past conduct. Last week two NDP candidates in B.C. stepped down after videos of them smoking marijuana were posted on the Internet. The video also showed Dana Larsen, former candidate for West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast, dropping acid while driving.

All six men back in prison

Police in Saskatchewan caught the last prison escapee lat Tuesday night. Six prisoners broke out of a Regina prison in August. The first capture occurred almost immediately, but it took almost a month to find the other five. Now that all the men are back behind bars, the focus of the investigation has shifted to accountability and liability.

International News

Bloody puppies redux

A 10-year-old boy suffering from cancer received a dachshund puppy as a gift from his parents for his birthday in July. But when the family came home last week, they found that their house had been broken into and the puppy was missing. Police suspect that whoever broke into the house knew the family. The thieves also took the boy’s Nintendo Wii.

There’s too much wrong here

A school bus driver left a five-year-old off on the streets of the Bronx when the school bus reached the end of the line. There was no guardian waiting to pick up the young boy, so he was left with no choice but to wander the streets, alone. Apparently, he wasn’t supposed to be on the bus in the first place; he lives across the street from the school. The school said they’re sorry and that they didn’t know who the driver was, but he “may have acted inappropriately.”

Unhappy firefighters

Four San Diego-area firefighters are suing the city. They are seeking unspecified damages and reimbursements for therapy and legal costs. All this came when the straight firemen were forced to take part in the city’s gay pride parade last year. They complained they were subjected to catcalls throughout the three-hour parade. The North County Time reports that during the opening statements the lawyer representing all four defendants said his clients were, “the subject of name-calling and made to feel extremely uncomfortable while riding in the parade, forcing them to roll up the windows of the fire truck and put on headphones.” One of the defendants said the catcalling, “affected my whole life, it’s affected my family life.” He may not be gay, but he’s definitely a drama queen.

You’re having the baby whether you like it or not

A Catholic Archbishop in Australia is threatening to shut down the wards in Catholic hospitals if the proposed abortion law passes. The government-proposed law will require a doctor who isn’t comfortable performing an abortion to refer the patient to another doctor or hospital. Catholic health officials are against the proposition. They feel it is an ultimatum wherein doctors of all religions must provide advice despite their beliefs or break the law.

London Olympic site accessible and inclusive

A percentage of toilets in the new Olympic venues are going to face away from Mecca. This is being done out of respect for Muslims. Practicing Muslims cannot face east while sitting on a toilet, according to Islamic law. The Olympic Delivery Authority says it is taking actions to ensure that Olympic fans of all denominations and ages feel welcome; gentle slopes, baby changing areas and plenty of resting areas are part of design plans.

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