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“Getting involved has never been so easy . . .”

by Archives September 2, 2008

Concordia University offers its little prodigies many ways to realize their potential. Beyond the classes you chose, you can choose to join and produce content for CUTV or CJLO (campus television and campus radio) you could join a free “101” class put on by the CSU, or you could even write for us, The Concordian. So, how are you going to beat that proverbial drum?

Do you prefer being behind the camera or in front? CUTV is not going make you a star – that’s up to you. What the campus television station will do is give you the equipment and guidance to make it happen. CUTV has a couple of programs covering the fields of news and entertainment as well as a bi-monthly challenge called makealottamovies, where amateurs are teamed up with veterans to produce a six minute film. It’s easy and free.
Check out http://cutv.concordia.ca/

Now broadcasting live – 1690 on the am – you can do the radio waves. If feeling a bit humbled, you could start off as a writhing volunteer, working your way up like the real grunts in the radio biz. It’s easy and free.
Check out http://www.cjlo.com/contact.php for more info, or check out the office on the fourth floor of Loyola’s main building – right behind the Guadagni Lounge.

Put on by the CSU, 101’s are extra-curricular class not offered by Concordia or not available to the general student body. What can you expect? Courses like yoga, painting and photography. Best part: the classes are designed to be around 20 students each, so a little personal help can be expected.

The Concordian
Come write for us! If you think you have what it takes then consider yourself cordially invited to contribute to the paper. It’s open to all Concordia students. We’ll help you find and report on what interests you.
Check out

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