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Hard loss for men’s soccer

by Archives September 30, 2008

The Concordia Stingers men’s soccer team had a rough start this weekend, dropping their first of two games 6-0 against the No. 5-ranked Université de Montreal Carabins.
The game started off with an even pace between both sides, with a close possession time for both. They both seemed to be containing the trap well and either side got good chances.
In the 14th minute, Stingers midfielder Mike Al Tork received a yellow card for tripping up a Carabin without touching the ball.
Two minutes later off a free kick in the Concordia defensive zone, Kyle Prillo-Guaiani made the initial save directing it to the post, but it bounced right back to open Carabin midfielder Guillaume Couturier who sent it into the net.
The rest of the half remained close up until injury time, when Carabin Woodler Elie Blaise sent a shot over the head of the six-foot tall Concordia keeper.
In the second half, Stingers coach Lloyd Barker opted for the goalie switch, putting in Daniel De Palma to relieve Prillo-Guaiani.
Three minutes into the half, Carabins Jean-Jacques Seba put in a controversial goal, while a Concordia defender went down hard.
It was a scary situation as no one in the crowd or even on the team benches was aware of what had transpired, except for those on the field, who knew immediately whether it was a Concordia or Université de Montreal player.
The delay lasted approximately 45 minutes and the time was officially stopped once the gravity of the situation was better assessed. According to one Stingers player who was present on the field, the player had gotten his cleats caught in the mesh of the net, spun and hit his head against the metal post and injured his head or neck.
“Every time there’s a situation with a neck or head, there’s a growing concern,” said head coach Lloyd Barker.
After an ambulance arrived and carted him off the field, the game was set to resume. “The injury was huge, and a big momentum switch,” said Stinger forward Alfred Moody.
The time between when they resumed and ended the game seemed like an eternity for all Stingers, both those in the stands and those on the field.
Although they remained strong, the Carabins’ offence took over.
At the 61-minute mark off a free kick, the Carabin forward shot it just out of reach of the diving De Palma to make it a 4-0 game.
Just under 10 minutes later, Université de Montreal’s Gabriel de Foresta was awarded a penalty kick after being tripped up in the box by a Stinger. He made no mistake, sending it in.
Frustrations were mounting late in the game, when Stinger defenceman Kouyabe Ignegongba was given a red card after shoving a Carabin out of play.
“We seem to have the same problems that plague us all the time,” said coach Barker. “We’re often behind the eight-ball and have to play catch-up.”
“We keep trying to come back, but after two goals we’re beat down,” said Concordia defender Mauricio Soto. “We need to work on improving our techniques, that will help us score. We’re keeping our heads up high.”

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