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Yoav Ipod Picks

by Archives September 9, 2008

To quote the title of his debut album, Yoav is charmed and strange. This one-man show is also one of a kind. Yoav creates electronica-influenced music by using just his vocals, acoustic guitar and hands with the minimal help of loops and samples.
“Charmed and strange? People have said that is what the music sounds like. I say that’s what my life has been like,” said the soloist.
Montreal recently had the chance to get acquainted with Yoav during his multiple dates at the International Jazz Festival. Toronto just had the pleasure at the Virgin festival.
“I love playing festivals among so many different artists,” the Israeli-born musician said. “I’m on a mission right now actually. I want to discover as much music as I possibly can.” Yoav credits countless artists from Timbaland to Jeff Buckley and Radiohead to Bjork as inspiration. After just reloading his iPod for his travels, Yoav shares his top five picks.

1. “Time to Pretend”

2. “My Body Is a Cage”
Arcade Fire

3. “Bird Flu”

4. “Analyse”
Thom Yorke

5. “Apres Moi”
Regina Spektor

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