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ASFA VP clears his name

by Archives January 20, 2009

An ASFA VP accused of stealing funds has convinced ASFA council of his innocence.
On Jan. 9, Commerce and Administration Students’ Association (CASA) president Adam Gold sent a letter to ASFA council, saying he had “serious concerns” about the actions of ASFA VP social, Alejandro Lobo-Guerrero, at a Halloween party organized by several Concordia associations, including ASFA and CASA. In the letter Gold said funds had been mismanaged and some money had gone missing.
But after an hour-long presentation by Lobo-Guerrero, in which he produced several witnesses, as well as a document package, including receipts from the event, ASFA council was convinced of his innocence.
“I am completely content my name was cleared,” Lobo-Guerrero said after the meeting. “I’ve been able to explain myself and show council these allegations were false.”
Gold said that while the most serious issues were explained, he still has concerns.
“Do I think money went missing? Not really. Do I think it was mismanaged? Absolutely,” he said. “The way the event was organized, we were still left in the dark about certain expenses, and we probably wouldn’t have agreed to it if we knew we were taking on a financial risk, knowing what we know now.”
Gold also took issue with the fact that even though the event lost money, ASFA described it as profitable – putting $2,000 into the event’s funding to create a “profit,” of $179.

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