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by Archives February 10, 2009

Zion I
The Take Over
(Gold Dust Media; 2009)

AmpLive and MC Zumbi drop their sixth studio album, which has a flavour far off from their Oakland rap roots. Exploring the increasingly popular electro style that has been dominating nightclubs, Zion I manage to blend in their experimental ways with precision. “DJ DJ,” is an excellent introduction to the album, available on their MySpace webpage. The track offers little in musical depth, but offers fun beats with Daft Punk-influenced monotone chants. The rhythm is incessantly captivating and you’ll catch yourself humming the lyrics much later in the day.


Lisa Hannigan
Sea Saw
(ATO; 2009)

Previously known as only a contributor to Damien Rice appearing as a guest vocalist on several albums, this celtic treasure emerges as her own artist with her debut album Sea Saw. Featuring songs previously released on demos, not all of the album is being lent to virgin ears. The instrumentals of the album are reminiscent of The Shins, with her voice providing a more folk quality. Sea Saw is a charming album with ethereal qualities on par with her former associate Rice, and is worth the listen.


Telefon Tel Aviv
Immolate Yourself
(BPitch Control; 2009)

Telefon Tel Aviv’s new album is hauntingly self-describing in the title: two days after the album’s release Charles Cooper – one half of the group – was found dead. As depressing as the news is, questions raised in the future of the fame garnered for the album by the death will fall short of taking away the regard Cooper and his partner in crime, Joshua Eustis, deserve. Immolate Yourself exceeds being another wishy-washy electro album being pushed out in a rush while the getting is good. With sophisticated layering and inspirational beatscape’s that pass through all the songs, the futuristic tendencies will sedate you.

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