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by Archives March 24, 2009

Local News

Tsk tsk tsk

A Quebec petroleum company and two of its workers pled guilty to fixing prices at pumps in Thetford Mines and Victoriaville. The court fined the company, which operates under the Shell banner, $600,000. Two employees received 10-month sentences to be served in the community. The Competition Bureau said it uncovered evidence that gas retailers in four Quebec towns contacted each other and set prices.

Con U student saves the day

Some early-morning web browsing last Tuesday morning turned Concordia Student J.P. Neufield into a hero. While reading messages in an online forum, the 21-year-old music student saw a posting in which the author claimed he planned to blow up his Norfolk, England school at 11:30 a.m. Photos of the boy with a gas canister provided proof the threat wasn’t an empty one. Neufield contacted Norfolk police, who tracked down information about the suspect and the location of the school. By 11:20 a.m., police were waiting outside the school and arrested a 16-year-old boy who arrived with a knife and a canister containing what looked to be like a flammable liquid.

Learn and leave

Quebec’s doctor shortage is not going to get better, according to a new study. Twenty per cent of doctors trained in the province choose to practice elsewhere after graduating, according to the study by the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada. The government pays anywhere between $158,200 (for a family doctor) to $283,600 (for a cardiac surgeon) over six years to put a student through medical school. At McGill, 52 per cent of medical graduates leave Quebec, according to the study, costing the government over $6.9 million.

AMT says they’re sorry

The AMT announced last week it will be distributing additional rebate coupons for monthly passes. The coupons were originally only supposed to be handed out one a day, but the transit corporation added two more days. The AMT decided to provide 25 per cent rebate coupons on April passes after commuters complained of long waits and unreliable services for several months. The last day to get a coupon is March 30. Rebates are being distributed at all stops along the Deux-Montagnes line. Another 25 per cent discount is planned for May passes as well.

JMSB takes all

A delegation of students from JMSB business school at Concordia finished in first place at this year’s HEC Caisse de dép

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