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Have you seen this man?

by Archives March 31, 2009

Pictured here is Osama bin Laden’s younger, lesser-known and significantly whiter brother, Ernest bin Laden. A Concordian reporter found the would-be terrorist alone and drunk at a St. Hubert in Longueuil.
The younger bin Laden has faced considerable personal problems in the wake of his brother’s success as a terrorist. “I’ve never been able to be the terrorist Osama was,” he said. Ernest bin Laden was most known for the Botched-Toilet-Cherry-Bombing at the U.S embassy in Toronto, where one person was injured. “Actually, I was the only victim,” bin Laden admitted. “In the excitement of the bombing, I guess I lost the ability to control my bowels and decided to use the fine facilities.” Bin Laden was treated at the hospital for severe injuries to his lower body.
“I’ve always been the blacksheep of the family. There’s so much pressure,” he lamented.
Ernest never got his pilot’s license.

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