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Montreal Fashion Week

by Archives March 10, 2009

Eco-designers Annou Théberge and Christiane Garant for Myco Anna presented their winter collection on the catwalk of last week’s Fashion Week Montréal. Their items, made from 20 to 100 per cent recyclable materials, strategically mix funky colours with plainer ones through classy and artistic weaving. Garant said they try to put what already exists in harmony with what’s happening in colour trends.
“We want to serve young people, funky people, but we want to dress women who have curves, who have a hard time finding nice clothes to put on,” said Théberge.
The clothes showcased by Myco Anna during fashion week are not just for skinny models or grunge adepts, they’re for women of all shapes and sizes who want more out of fashion than what’s currently offered in terms of style and values.

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