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Who’s who at the CSU

by Archives March 24, 2009

1997 – Robert Sonin elected to CSU council. He argues against salary increases for CSU executive. At the time, the president earned $15,000 a year, while most vice-presidents earned $10,000. The president now makes over $26,000.

2001 – CSU president Sabrina Stea resigns after a recall petition circulates on campus. Patrice Blais, then a VP, takes over as interim president. This is also the first year of the slate system, where executives run as part of a group. Previously, students voted for a president who then appointed their vice presidents.

2003 – In the wake of the anti-Benjamin Netanyahu riot, “Evolution, Not Revolution,” wins the CSU election. The slate promises to move away from the left-wing politics the CSU has pushed for the previous four years. This year marks the first time the Concordia alumni association runs a campaign encouraging students to vote.

2004 – “New Evolution” (previously “Evolution, Not Revolution”) is elected. Brent Farrington, who was a VP the year before, becomes CSU president.

2005 – “Evolution” (previously “New Evolution”) is elected a third time. Mohammed Shuriye becomes CSU president. Starting this year, candidates for council are allowed to affiliate themselves with executive slates.

2006 – “Experience” edges out “Conscious” in the CSU elections. The winning slate runs with an endorsement from Shuriye and promises to continue the policies of “Evolution.” Khaleed Juma is president and Angelica Novoa is VP clubs and services. Two slates, “Conscious Concordia” and “Conscience,” that run fake campaigns in an effort to confuse voters, mark the election. Noah Stewart-Ornstein runs with “Conscious,” for VP Loyola.

2008 – Only one slate runs for the executive, “Unity.” Voter turnout drops to the lowest level in years. “Unity” gains the far majority of seats on council. Three seats go to members of “Be The Change,” an affiliation that only contested council elections. Two independent councillors are also elected. Prince Ralph Osei, Amine Dabchy, Kenroy Broderick, James Barry, Samantha Banks, Kaysy Marie Paolucci and Catherine Dicare are elected to council with “Unity.” Audrey Peek is elected to senate with “Unity.”

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