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by Archives April 7, 2009

A New Day Has Come

Dear editor,

On behalf of team VISION, I would like to thank our numerous supporters that worked tirelessly during the two weeks of campaigning to ensure helping us win this election, and the CEO of the student union, Oliver Cohen, for running a historic election: one that was free, fair and transparent. Our thanks also go to the entire student body for coming out to exercise their franchise, and the other teams, be it New Union, Attention, Change, Fresh and Decentralization for participating in our democracy to make it stronger.
Now to the average student, we want to assure you that over the coming months your new leaders will be working round the clock to make sure you can have an enjoyable university experience. Right from day one, we will hit the ground running to ensure every single promise we made to you becomes a reality. We will let you know the real numbers, what is happening to your money.
We want you to know our doors are always open. Your comments, input, suggestions and contributions are always welcome. Know for a fact that we will work with you to make this union better. We will need volunteers and workers over the fall to run all the programs and services we have for you. Please be involved as we need all hands on deck. The tasks ahead demand everyone’s involvement. There are numerous opportunities for you to get involved; sit on committees on council, the senate, orientation, the book-exchange program, etc.
On a final note, thank you Concordia for this mandate, good luck on your finals, have a wonderful summer and see you in school in the fall. For those graduating, bonne chance in all your endeavours.

Thank you,

Prince Ralph Osei
VP-Elect Services & Loyola
Dear editor,

Teresa Smith’s article, “Who will police the police?” (March 31) is one of the most important pieces to appear in the student press, or any press for that matter. The myth of how wonderful the RCMP is has been shattered, with the recent revelations about the taser killing and the individual left to perish in a snow laden grave. The problem of the police is far more widespread and systemic than that, as right here in Montreal, our police have a well deserved international reputation for brutality, albeit it may just be a few members; yet the problems are so often repeated, and so often completely ignored by the municipal, provincial and federal politicians that one can only wonder why are they so afraid to bring the police under control at both the federal and municipal levels.
It is true that during the Duplessis era the police were used for political and illegal purposes and that human behaviour is one of the most difficult things to change, nevertheless change must come if we are to call ourselves civilized. At a bare minimum Quebec should adopt the reforms that exist in Ontario for the Toronto police. The police have an extremely difficult function to perform, yet because of that function they must exhibit the most exemplary behaviour and possess the highest standards of ethics.

David S. Rovins

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