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Here I am

by Archives September 22, 2009

The rising Sun shines a halo around your face.
A bridge connecting us together and
There you wait on the overpass,
As I hurry along the path to take me
To you.

In my loneliest nights, do you dream
About me? A lifetime apart only makes
Me ascend faster. Is this a reverie that will ever come to fruition? I can only hold on to my
Hope that it will.

I push against the world forcing me back,
The suit I wear flaps in the wind as my feet
Hit the pavement, each step one closer
To you.

There you are still standing on the overpass
With tears of joy streaming slowly
Down your cheek. I gently wipe them
Away as I push back a strand of
Hair that covers your eye.

We engage in a lengthy stare and embrace
Passionately. As you lay your head
On my shoulder, I lean in towards
Your ear to whisper, here I am.

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