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Notes from the first in a long line of CSU council meetings

by Archives September 22, 2009

Students will vote on adding a $1 per credit fee levy to increase services at the Webster Library. The fee levy would be in effect for 10 years, and students would not have the ability to opt-out. According to current enrolment estimates, students would pay in approximately $7.2 million over 10 years.
At the CSU’s first meeting of the school year Wednesday, President Amine Dabchy presented the results of a recent survey that asked students whether they supported more library services such as an increased number of laptops, more textbooks on reserve and having 24-hour access to the library.
A strong majority of respondents supported each initiative, but the survey neglected any mention of cost.
Dabchy wanted the fee levy passed at the meeting, but a majority of councillors voted to put the question to referendum instead. Councillor Ethan Cox spoke out against passing the levy without consulting students first: “I think its a good idea. But if we pass this without a referendum and do it behind closed doors there’s going to be a backlash.”
The levy will also be used to fund a scholarship for a single international student each year. The referendum will take place in the first week of November.
Other items discussed at the meeting included:

Bottled water ban
The CSU Executive is considering banning water bottles in residences at Loyola. As part of a new initiative, they handed out free reusable water bottles to each new student going into residence. Last year, Concordia students and staff disposed of over 1.2 million water bottles, according to a campus waste audit.

CSU settles
The CSU has settled out of court with former accountant Marie Lyonnais. Lyonnais was at the centre of an accounting scandal last year when it was discovered the CSU has accrued a $500,000 deficit between 2005-2007. According to CSU President Amine Dabchy, the CSU sued Lyonnais but had to settle out of court after she threatened to file bankruptcy. The agreement will see Lyonnais pay back the CSU $20,000.

Loyola improvements
The CSU has begun a series of improvements to the Loyola campus. The CSU will be spending $10,000 to provide new couches and microwaves to the G-Lounge. Additionally, Café X, a Fine Arts-run campus café, will be setting up a franchise in the Hive, according to VP student life, Kristen Gregor. The CSU aims to have the new café up and running by mid-October. They are also aiming to have the Hive licensed for permanent liquor sales.

CSU saps student shekels to stay svelte
CSU councillors were given free gym memberships. For a regular student, this costs $60 plus tax.

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