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The Battle of Snoop: Reggie’s Hosts a Battle of the Bands

by Archives September 15, 2009

Two beer-soaked nights at Reggie’s, four bands determined to open for a rap legend. A few thousand votes later, the JMC Project emerged knowing that they will open for Snoop Dogg.
“I think that it’s fucking awesome. I never even thought I’d get the opportunity,” said Pete Tardif, lead vocalist for the JMC Project and third year journalism student.
The sound of the JMC Project is hard to pin down to one specific genre. Blaring saxophone and soulful vocals provided by Marjorie Fiset standout and give the feeling of an improvised jazz band. Add in Tardif’s thoughtful rhymes and the occasional free-styled lyric, the JMC Project takes on an urban hip-hop sound they describe as “Nu-Jazz.”
Finishing second in voting, Siglo Sigo opened the battle of the bands on Friday night in front of a small crowd of Reggie’s patrons.
Led by fourth year political science student Nick Vallee on vocals, Siglo Sigo offered a solid melody of indie rock. Multi-instrumentalist Simon Schreiber added depth and a distinct touch as he rotated in between a banjo, a trumpet, and a glockenspiel.
Siglo Sigo put together an impressive set considering the band had been created just five months prior to the battle of the bands.
Inword, falling in third place, managed to get the crowd moving late into Wednesday night with their reggae grooves. The vocalist, Jahfaith, brought a particular energy to the stage as he bounced back and fourth between smooth choruses and faster paced rhyming verses.
By the end, the audience, now dancing in front of the stage, demanded an encore and Inword continued to jam for an extended set.Tim Smith of Tim’s Myth offered an uninspired performance to a small number of people. Half of the set was dedicated to a solo performance while the remaining half featured a second vocalist and bass player.
Tim’s Myth also managed to break the cardinal Leonard Cohen rule; never under any circumstance cover “Hallelujah.” The man himself is tired of the endless amount of covers
The JMC Project dominated the three other bands by raking in 1721 votes. Tardif gave credit for the unbelievable win to Concordia students and a large group of friends.
Could this be the opportunity of a lifetime? Possibly. The man is Snoop Dogg after all. But at the very least the JMC Project will always have that one time they won the battle of the bands at Reggie’s and opened for a legend.

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