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by Archives September 8, 2009

Montreal is a city of festivals. The summer is filled to the brim with the Fringe fest, Jazz fest, and Just for Laughs. With only a limited number of sunsets left before fall rolls around, M for Montreal wants you to remember autumn can be just as artsy.
This past weekend, M for Montreal took over the Old Port with a free showcase titled M on the Quays. The event gives a taste of what’s to come this November during the larger M for Montreal festival, now in it’s fourth run.
The talent pool presented at the Quays had a distinct Montreal flavour and the sheer amount of it on display makes it clear that Montreal will not be lacking in great acts any time soon.
The best set of the two-day mini-fest belonged to Think About Life. Vocalist Martin Cesar possesses one of the most infectious stage presences. From his jumbled dance moves to the humorous stage banter, Cesar is simply it.
The crowd unquestionably fed on the pure energy up on stage. Crowd surfers broke through and were passed from onlooker to onlooker. A beach ball bounced towards the stage and back. All the while, Think About Life only egged the crowd on as a toilet paper roll was tossed and went streaming into the spectators.
Take note: the next time Think About Life plays Montreal be there. They will not disappoint and you will be wearing a goofy smile.
Misstress Barbara turned in a solid performance while being backed by Girls On A Ducati. It was late into the first day of the M on the Quays and a nearly full moon sat overhead, the perfect setting for a dance party at the Old Port.
Jumping between her laptop and a guitar, Misstress Barbara pulled material from her first album, I’m No Human. Taking a moment to show her appreciation to the crowd, Misstress Barbara thanked “everyone for taking this journey with me. It’s a new experience.” She closed the set with a rendition of “I’m Running.”
Omnikrom, the francophone hip-hop duo best known for throwing down rhymes about the gourmet meal known as poutine, had the privilege of closing the second and final night.
The hip-hop playbook was in full swing as the crowd was encouraged to wave their hands along with MC Jeanbart and MC Linso Gabbo. Their rhymes, occasionally mixing in some English, were nothing out of the ordinary.
Omnikrom’s DJ had a particularly great flow going and had no trouble getting even the heaviest shoes to move. To round out the set Omnikrom ended with a remix of the much-anticipated “Danse La Poutine.”
Montreal indie rockers, The Besnard Lakes, took stage mid way through the second day. The highlight of the set was when the band demoed a new track from an upcoming album.
Breaking away from the Montreal theme, Vancouver based Mother Mother was given a time slot early into the first day. Opening with their second album’s title track, “O My Heart,” Mother Mother moved on to play a decent set.
The lineup for fall’s M for Montreal has yet to be announced. If M for Montreal has even a sliver of the talent and good-time vibe of M on the Quays it will certainly be an event not to miss.

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