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Words of wisdom for the froshies

by Archives September 8, 2009

 1. “No matter which Chartwells you go to — they all suck.”
-Miles Coe, electro-acoustics, 3rd year

2.“Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers and fellow students for help.”
-Tara Despault, environmental science 3rd year

3. “Get involved in activities that aren’t necessarily part of your program. Also socialize and make friends.”
– Tristan St-Cyr Software engineering, 3rd year

4. “No matter how uncomfortable you feel, or how stressed out you are — make friends. Not only is it good for your social life, but they’ll be your comfort during exams.”
-Jenny Sung, film studies, graduate student

5. “Definitely get the ISIC card. It gives you money off of bus and train fare (when you travel out of Montreal). Also, wait to get your books, because if you get them too early and then decide to drop a course, you won’t be able to get your money back.”
-Emily Manuel, Journalism, 2nd year

6. “ Stay quiet in the library.”
-Paul Khavkine, economics, 3rd year
7. “Go to class”
– Imad Kho, John Molson School of Business, 3rd year

8. “Always check MyConcordia for schedule changes and assignment deadlines.”
– Georgia Christodoulov, John Molson School of Business, 3rd year

9. “Get organized, and get a head start when it comes to studying for exams.”
– Dayna Greenstone, psychology, 3rd year

10. “Get to know your school — go support the Stingers.”
– Jacqueline Berman, John Molson School of Business, 3rd year

11. “Be sure to mix easier classes with harder ones. Make sure to include classes you like in your schedule. If you take only hard classes that you don’t like, it will bring down your entire semester.”
– Jayme Leitner, John Molson School of Business, 3rd year

12. “Don’t get discouraged if the first semester is harder than you thought; it’s never easy to adjust to completely new settings.”
– Brittany Cara Miller, John Molson School of Business, 3rd year

13. “Make sure to sleep the night before an exam and to eat something before.”
– Taylor Michelle Halickman, History, 3rd year

14. "Ride a bike and go to vernissages."
– Tristan Lapointe, Journalism, 3rd year
15. "Pay your tuition on time or you’ll be surprised with added fees."
– Stewart Lazarus, Journalism, 3rd year

16. "Don’t cram all of your classes into one day; you won’t end up paying attention after the second one."
– Jessica Unikowski, Psychology, 3rd year

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