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2110 employee arrested

by admin October 27, 2009

Concordia’s 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy will be holding a special meeting to discuss internal disputes and accusations of financial mismanagement.
The Centre was thrown into turmoil following an incident Oct. 20 in which the organization suspended three employees without pay. The employees, Maya Rolbin-Ghanie, Bianca Mugyeni, and Aly Stillman argued the move was illegal and refused to leave.
A 2110 board member called the police and had the employees removed.
Mugyenyi was arrested and driven to a police station after she tried to re-enter the building.
Rolbin-Ghanie insists the Centre is being run haphazardly and unconstitutionally.
“Two full-time employees are not even near fulfilling the basics of their job description,” she said. “You have board members who are just a clique of friends who have been very, very, incompetent. Basically we have a massive list of clear-cut violations in terms of our constitution and labour code.” Rolbin-Ghanie said her group will try to call a general election to replace the board.
The Centre, which is almost entirely student-funded, did not directly respond to the Concordian’s questions. In a posting on their website it acknowledged concerns, but wrote that the “manner in which some of these concerns have been brought forth has been neither constructive nor productive.” Another board member, who declined to be named, argued the group had had no choice but to call police.

– Tyson Lowrie

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