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2012 IS Nigh!

by admin November 24, 2009

If we can learn anything from Hollywood, it’s that apocalyptic predictions can make for good business. The movie 2012, released Nov. 11 had gained over $450 million worldwide in its first 12 days at the box office.
Speculation about the end of times has surged online, as the auspicious date of Dec. 12, 2012 draws closer.
While many westerners seem to believe nothing will happen on that day, others are already bracing themselves.

Bracing for the flood
The onset of 2012 will see a chaotic transition into a new age, says Michael P. Mau, the Amanuensis of Canmore-based theosophy group the Sanctus Germanus Foundation.
“It is not the end of the world. It’s the dawn of a new cycle, the age of Aquarius,” he said. Though he doesn’t believe the film’s portrayal of the world ending is accurate, Mau said Earth will move through a tumultuous phase. “We’re probably going to see a Third World War, and the collapse…of the whole monetary system. The ocean levels are probably going to rise around 60 metres, which is enough to flood all of the earth’s coastal cities.”

Mau’s group, The Sanctus Germanus Foundation moved from Montreal to Canmore, Alberta, as a precaution against the flood. Mau cited the global financial crisis as of the end of a 25,000-year cycle. The group boasts hundreds of members around the world.
Despite the dire warnings, Mau says there’s reason for hope. “We now live in a society that is controlled by dark forces in collusion with our own democratically elected government. All that stuff’s got to be cleared up again. You’ll be going into this wonderful new age,” which, Mau says, will begin anew around 2050, after the chaotic transition is complete. Mau says he earned a PhD in international relations and diplomacy.

A telepathic opening
Others see a different outcome at 2012. Eden Sky, who runs 13moon.com from her home in Oregon, said the shift probably has more to do with our own consciousness. “The Mayans said the next age will be guided by ether, and we’re going to see a real telepathic opening, which I believe is already happening. We have all this new technology, and we’re more connected than we’ve ever been.”
Still, she cautioned as far as the Mayans were concerned, there is some ambiguity as far as what is actually going to happen on Dec. 21, 2012. The only Mayan monument that references the date is cracked and obscured, making it difficult to translate. “No one can say with 100 per cent certainty what’s going to happen. We’re already in this process of change right now, but it could be very gradual,” she said. “Now we’re entering a cycle of post-history.”

Handy advice
As for how the public should prepare for this pivotal shift, Mau and Sky differed in their advice.
“In the short term, buy gold and silver,” said Mau. “But practice your meditation. Get in touch with your own soul.”
Sky agreed that individuals should meditate. “But,” she said, “what’s most important is to stop business as usual with all the materialism, and really become conscious of what we’re doing with our lives.”
As much as 2012 has emerged as a cultural phenomenon, with various groups predicting a myriad of theories, others have argued these predictions are irresponsible. NASA created a website specifically designed to combat any kind of predictions about 2012, calling the controversy “a complete hoax.” When asked what he thought about skeptics who believe noting is going to happen, Mau was incredulous.
“I don’t see how you could look around you and not see it. It’s already beginning.”

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