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Forever Massari

by admin November 17, 2009

Forever Massari
(Universal Records; 2009)

After releasing his self-titled debut album in 2005, Massari is back, regrettably, with Forever Massari. Listening to this album will most likely be the most nauseating hour of your week.
The first single to get radio play, “Bad Girl” should have never been given the distinction. Every track on the album sounds just like the next, except for “Forever Came Too Soon,” a slow-tempo song that will make anyone cringe with repugnance. The record opens with “Body Body,” which samples Salt N’Pepa’s hit “Push It.” Massari takes a song that was once cool and turns it into something completely awkward and cheesy.
Had the tracks on this album been sung by an “artist” like Britney Spears, it may have been more credible, but by the end of the album it’s clear Massari is more of a never rather than forever.

Trial track: “Bad Girl”