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by admin November 3, 2009

Tegan and Sara
(Sire/WEA; 2009)

Sainthood is the follow-up to Tegan and Sara’s Juno-nominated, 2007 album, The Con. Sainthood is an upbeat record with great hooks and catchy guitar riffs.
As they did on The Con, Tegan & Sara have teamed up with indie producer Chris Walla, and this time, he has kicked everything up on the pop rock notch without taking away from the lyrics – the essence of any Tegan & Sara album.
Most of the tracks on the album stay true to Tegan & Sara form (“The Ocean” and “Red Belt”), but no song has the same punch as the first single “Hell,” and none really stand out from one another.
The only song that doesn’t fit into the pop rock motif is “North Shore” which comes across as a bad throwback 70s rock song.

Trial Track: “Hell”