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by admin November 24, 2009

Norah Jones
The Fall
(Blue Notes/EMI; 2009)

Those who know Norah Jones from her jazz-pop debut may be surprised when they hear The Fall.
Come Away with Me (2002) was a soothing, jazzy piano-based record laden with country and blues influences. The Fall is vastly different, as Jones trades in the piano for a gritty electric guitar. However, two things still remain: Jones’ smoky saloon croon, and her ability to write a decent love ballad. “Back to Manhattan,” an ode to her hometown, is the closest-sounding to her earlier works. The first single, “Chasing Pirates,” is easily her poppiest yet. The Fall was produced by Jacquire King, also known for his work on Tom Waits’ Mule Variations, apparently one of Jones’ favourite albums. She also borrows a couple members of Waits’ backing band to play on the album. But her new sound seems to owe more to Ryan Adams, who co-wrote “Light As a Feather” with Jones, than it does to Waits.

Trial Track: “Chasing Pirates”

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