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what are YOU paying for coffee?

by admin November 10, 2009

What are YOU paying for coffee?

by admin November 3, 2009

Soft Drinks:

G-Lounge: $1.25 (330ml)

Admin Café: $2.15 (591ml)

CJ Café:$2.15 (591ml)

SP Café: $2.15 (591ml)

Rez Café: $2.15 (591ml)

Price for medium size coffee:

G-lounge Café: $1.75 (296ml)
(fourth floor of the AD Building)

Admin Café: $2.26 (473ml)
first floor of the AD Building: Van Houtte, fair trade and organic Coffee

CJ Café: $2.26 (473ml) second floor of CJ building): Starbucks coffee

SP Café: $2.26 (473ml) (basement of Science building) Van Houtte fair trade and organic coffee

Second Cup: $1.95 (473ml) (7345 Sherbrooke St. West)

Rez Café: $2.26 (473ml) (Hingston Hall residence) Van Houtte fair trade and organic Coffee

Downtown medium coffee:

Arouch in JMSB building: $1.75 355ml

Starbucks: $2.25 444ml

Second Cup: $2.00 355ml

Tim Hortons: $1.38 296ml

Upper Crust: $1.38 296ml

Java U: $1.99 355ml

Café Depot $1.95 355ml

Café Myriad (direct-trade): $2.26 414ml

Soft drinks

500ml bottles at:

Shish (Library building) $1.90

Pizza Pizza (Library building) $1.33

Upper crust (Hall building) $1.90

Word on the street

What is your favourite place to get coffee around the downtown campus?

Reema Ahmed: Starbucks because they have so many more choices and you can even customize your drink.

Sadaf Ahmed: Tim Hortons because it’s easy to access. They have one in the Library Building, the Hall building, and near the metro. Also, it’s not pricey.

Sameer Devji: “Both Java U or Café Dépôt.”

Alexandra Gifuni: “Second Cup.”

Ahmed Majid: “Tim Hortons. It’s cheap and amazing.”

Michael Jordan Bramadat-Willcock: “I used to go to the Second Cup on Mackay, then I realized I was paying ‘$5’ for coffee when I could pay $1.50 at Tim Hortons. So now I go there. However, there’s a café that just opened in the Molson building and it’s the same price plus they sell Greek style flatbreads and the lineups are way shorter than at Timmy’s and it’s better coffee. Also le Frigo Vert sells coffee at $0.50 a cup if you bring your own mug.”