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by admin December 1, 2009

Bananafish EP
(Independent; 2009)

Lifting their moniker from a J. D. Stalinger short story, Bananafish, a six-piece instrumental outfit from Montreal, has self-released a short but promising debut. The album is a skillful blend of progressive rock with hints of jazz that sometimes veers into experimental jam territory.
“Boo Radley’s Last Dance,” a reference to a character in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, begins with a flurry of violin joined by a weighty bass line that is soon lost in a melange of drums and saxophone. As the song nears completion in a growing frenzy, the track circles back to the opening bars robbing the listener of the looming breakdown. It’s an interesting decision and an odd moment of déjà entendre.
Bananafish is not for everyone. But those who appreciate the craftsmanship of the musicians on display will be waiting for whatever follow-up is to come.

Trial Track: “Boo Radley’s Last Dance”

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