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by admin December 1, 2009

Gimme Gimme
(Independent; 2009)

Give me, give me, never get. Bonjay’s debut EP, Gimmee Gimmee, leaves you wondering where all the tracks went. The album contains six songs; the single “Gimmee Gimmee” and five remixes, four of which were produced by artists other than Bonjay.
Bonjay formed in a pub basement in Ontario and is composed of vocalist Alanna Stuart and DJ Ian Swain aka Pho. Their single “Gimmee Gimmee” is carried by Alanna’s textured voice and a dancehall vibe. The singer’s strength is refreshing and the song is well produced.
However, “Gimmee Gimmee” does not merit five remixes. It’s curious that Bonjay chose not to compose any other material for the album. The EP lacks diversity, and it lacks Bonjay. The remixes by Poirier, Thunderheist, Grahmzilla and Smalltown Romeo aren’t great, and leave you questioning whether Bonjay has anything else to give.

Trial Track: “Gimmee Gimmee”

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