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Stingers can?t find their game against UQAM

by admin January 12, 2010

The Concordia men’s Basketball team welcomed the new year with an unfortunate loss at home against the Université de Québec à Montréal Citadins on Friday. The final score was a close 77-69.
The Stingers had a slow start and couldn’t quite find their game; they finished the first period trailing by 21 points.

The second period didn’t start out any better, with two quick baskets scored by the Citadins. Stingers forward Kafil Eyitayo then netted a basket that was counteracted by two three-pointers from UQAM, bringing the score to a lopsided 42-13. Concordia guard Pierre Thompson nailed a basket with four minutes left to go to help his team. And a great pass from Decee Krah to Eyitayo scored the Stingers another two points. Even after two ill-advised fouls against UQAM, the Citadins were still dominating the Stingers 44-17 by the end of the second quarter.
By the beginning of the third quarter, the crowd had been completely taken out of the game but the Stingers didn’t give up. Just a minute into the period Stingers James Clark tapped in two points and teammate Krah contributed his own two points, making it 44-21. A quick play by Clark to throw the ball across the court to an open Thompson gained the Stingers a bit of stamina. Clark was a powerhouse in the third, netting another basket off of a great rebound by Laroche. A few fouls and free throws later, the Stingers were behind 61-39 but rapidly closing the gap.

The fourth quarter started off on the right foot as Sebastien Martin swooshed a basket only 10 seconds in. Then on a spectacular individual effort, Martin also took a hit and a foul, but quickly regained possession of the ball from UQAM long enough to toss it to Thompson for two more points. Valli Lazarescu landed a three-pointer, bringing the score to 61-46. After an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Citadins, Laroche made both his free throws closing the scoring gap at 61-48.
Laroche, Thompson and Krah all contributed points in the fourth, pushing for a Concordia win. Krah showed off wicked ball handling skills when – in a play worthy of a highlight reel – he fell down, continued dribbling, and managed to somehow get the ball to Laroche for the basket. Unfortunately, highlight reel worthy plays weren’t enough to save the Stingers by the final buzzer.

The men’s basketball team will face off against Bishop’s at home on Friday, Jan. 22 at 6 P.M.