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Digital Valentine?s Day

by admin February 9, 2010

Regardless of your relationship status, technology has found a way for singles, couples and those undefined to express their love on Valentine’s Day.

Candy classic redefined
Sweethearts, the “official candy of love”, is stepping into the 21st century. With bolder colours and new fruity flavours, the 145-year-old sugar heart will now feature slogans such as “Tweet Me’ and “Text Me’.
The technology-inspired phrases were chosen after an online contest invited the American public to submit their own ideas of how to express love. Classic expressions like “Sweet Pea” and “Love Me” are back for another season, so old-fashioned romantics need not worry.
Some of the new flavours hitting stands will be blue raspberry, lemon and green apple.
If none of these flavours appeal to your taste buds, Sweethearts offers a second, more technological solution: an iPhone App. A visit to www.mysweethearts.com allows Twitter users to personalize up to five digital hearts with 25 characters each. The collection can then be sent to friends or loved ones over Twitter.

Those looking for a unique gift to spice up their Valentine’s Day do not have to look further than www.sendapantygram.com. For $24.95, the online service will deliver a pair of lacy red panties to the recipient of your choice. Orders can be shipped worldwide but must be placed before Feb. 12. The heart-shaped underwear comes with a personal message printed on a gold card that instructs the recipient to head online to read the rest of the message. For those sending the gift, the website offers suggestions in categories ranging from mild to erotic.

And there’s an App for that…
In celebration of Valentine’s Day, there are several smartphone applications available for download.
1) 1-800-Flowers has a free App that allows iPhone and Blackberry users to order and send a Valentine’s Day bouquet in just a few seconds. There will be free shipping on orders delivered between Feb. 8 and 12.
2) For those less artsy, the Create a Valentine App on the iPhone offers several heart themed templates that users can add text to and send to their loved ones.
3) The iFallinLove App designed for the iPhone features a red heart that beats on your screen. When you and your lover download the $0.99 App, it tracks how far apart the two of you are. As you get closer to each other, the heart begins to grow in size and the heartbeat quickens.

Emily White

For many of us, the highly commercial occasion named after St. Valentine might as well be called Single Awareness Day. And even for those in relationships, this time of year can often be fraught with failed expectations and shattered dreams about romance.
Still, there is hope for such individuals in Montreal. The city offers a variety of events to distract you, embrace you and maybe even find you a match by the end of the night.
Here is a taste of some of what’s happening around town:
1) For all the gays out there, the Bad Boy Club Montreal Foundation continues their Red Weekend tradition with four events at four different clubs. Their signature Red Party will be at Parking (1296 Amherst) followed by an afterparty at Stereo (858 St. Catherine East). For tickets and info go to www.bit.ly/9JuMj4.
2) Montreal folk singer Jason Bajada will be playing his first hometown gig in eight months at an Anti-Valentine’s Day show with Colin Moore at Le National. (1220 Ste. Catherine St. East) Tickets are $15 (+ surcharge) at the door. Show starts at 8 p.m. www.bit.ly/aWmLhP
3) And for a more local, intimate event, Concordia University’s Co-op Bookstore (2150 Bishop St.) will be hosting their seventh Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day event on Friday, Feb. 12 at 7:30 p.m. There will be musical performances, readings, spoken word, comedy, local artwork and a raffle, all for the low suggested donation of $5. www.bit.ly/be2474

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