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by admin February 16, 2010

Yeasayer &- Odd Blood
(Secretly Canadian; 2010)

Music Video: http://bit.ly/bSdyOb


It’s the first track that sets the pace of an album. “The Children,” for whatever bizarre reason, opens Odd Blood, the sophomore release from Brooklyn-based experimental trio Yeasayer. The track begins with a winding mechanical beat and is quickly accompanied by heavily distorted vocals that are oddly Darth Vader-esque in tone. Thankfully, the opener does not robotically speak for the rest of the album and Yeasayer manage to pull out of whatever mechanic motif they had in mind.
The mechanized beats of the opener bridge into the second track, “Ambling Amp” which drops the heavy experimental aesthetic and instantly redeems the album with its hollow dream beat. It’s easily the most accessible song of the album.
The rest of the album follows in the same vein as “Ambling Amp,” a bit of pop with the occasional experimental hints in terms of arranging and instrumentation.
Trial Track: “Ambling Amp”