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by admin February 9, 2010

Postdata &- S/T
(Silly Old Songs; 2009)

One does not have to read the CD’s inside information to know this album is distinctly Canadian. With hollow, transient vocals, Wintersleep’s frontman Paul Murphy takes you on a familiar ride, but this time around he is joined by his brother Micheal. Postadata was conceived over a bottle of scotch as a gift for their mother and recorded in the wake of their grandparents’ passing.
Nevertheless, the songs still offer interesting rhythms and Murphy’s voice is so moaning and desperate you cannot help but feel moved.
The album opens with “Lazarus,” which sets up the album’s pace, or lack thereof. The duo strum at the speed of molasses and the tempo is like a death march towards a slow, unremarkable demise.
If you like the sounds of Tony Dekker and the poetry of Gordon Downie then Postdata is certainly up your alley &- but don’t get too excited.

Trial Track: “In Chemicals”

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