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Concordia?s Battle of the Bands

by admin March 30, 2010

Concordia’s CJLO radio station presented its first ever battle of the bands, March 24, in the F.C. Smith Auditorium. (1) Matt Smith of the Interracial Love Triangle performed wearing nothing but a dirty diaper. (2) Members of Hey Predator!, winner of the battle of the bands, scream their hearts out. (3) Kayla St. Cartier of Triggered Response yells into the mic during their final song. (4) Mirrors, a six-member group who met in the Loyola residence this fall, put on a great first-ever performance. (5) Eglin Skye captures the audience with her acoustic indie folk. (6) Electronic musician Lucas Fowles of Left Side Neighbour sings over his digitally produced sounds.

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