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Letter to the editor: re: ?Down with McGill frosh week? Sept. 7

by admin September 21, 2010

Re: “Down with McGill frosh week” Sept. 7:

I’d like to comment on the article “Down with McGill Frosh Week” written by Tyson Lowrie in the Sept. 7 edition of the Concordian. To begin, it seems as though the author of this article has forgotten, or is not aware of, the frosh festivities that take place at Concordia and other universities in this area. I participated in Concordia’s Arts and Science Federation of Associations Frosh this year and can say first-hand that it was almost exactly what Tyson Lowrie described McGill Frosh to be. “Stumbling down the street at 8 p.m.” and “wearing ugly identical t-shirts” are pretty much staples of any frosh event. I’m not sure if this article is written in the hopes of perpetuating the age-old rivalry between McGill and Concordia, but if it is, I don’t think this paper is the right forum for that debate. To say that Frosh is not a great way to meet friends is just wrong. I admit that very often the drinking gets out of hand (not that anyone expects it to stay in moderation), but just as often the alcohol helps loosen up the awkwardness that is inherent in meeting over 50 people at once. I consider myself a shy person and I was thankful there was free alcohol at all the events because it made socializing a lot easier and a lot more fun. At one point, Lowrie says “99.9 per cent of the, time Montreal nightlife doesn’t look anything like it does during Mcgill frosh week.” I’m sure that this statistic is unsubstantiated and used solely for the purposes of this article, but I don’t even imagine this to be true. All Thursday nights on Crescent, Mackay and Ste-Catherine Streets seem to be pretty crazy. For some reason Lowrie believes that to think Frosh is “a great way to experience Montreal’s nightlife!” is “the worst logic.” It seems as though the “best” logic would be to assume that Lowrie never attended Frosh or is just bitter about not having any fun when he attended it.

– Jesse Polowin