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Stingers lose 5th straight in women?s soccer action

by admin September 28, 2010

The visiting UQAM Citadins women’s soccer team hit early and never looked back in a 2-0 victory against the Stingers last Sunday.

UQAM started the first half with possession of the ball and wasted little time in taking advantage of it. Seconds into the contest, Stingers’ goalkeeper Andrea Davidson stopped a shot directed towards her. This would only be a preview of what the afternoon would be like. In the early stage of the match, Concordia tried to control the ball by making many passes and seeking to get through the opposition defence. However, this did not go according to plan and created very few offensive chances.

The game’s first goal came a little more than five minutes after the start. UQAM’s Lora Lehr made a brilliant pass to beat the offside trap erected by Concordia’s defence, leaving her teammate Lisa-Marie Pelletier alone against the goaltender, where she finished with a kick that ended up behind the goal line.After the goal, the action mainly happened in the middle of the field, each team attempting to gain position over the other. This led to rough play on both parts and subsequently a yellow card for Concordia’s Sage Rinaldo for her tackle on Marie-Claude Beaulac.

This event appeared to give the Citadins more energy and vigorous attacks followed. At the 20th minute, Davidson made a fabulous save when she stretched to her right to save a well-placed header and near goal by UQAM’s Olivia Sasseville. However, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable occurred.

At the 30th minute, Sasseville was able to redeem herself and scored a goal, due to the Citadins’ non-stop pressure in the offensive zone. Concordia spent most of the time that was left in the half on their part of the field, defending their opponent’s attacks.

Concordia’s performance at the start of the second half was similar to the way they finished the first. In the first 15 minutes of the second half, the Stingers were able to withstand numerous attacks by the Citadins’ forwards who were on a mission to put the game away.

At the 68th minute, a foul was called in the box after a corner kick and a penalty shot was given to UQAM. Yet again, Andrea Davidson was able to make the save and keep the hope of a comeback alive. Late in the game, Concordia made a push offensively, but was unable to construct any real threat. The Stingers were able to create opportunities in the last five minutes and during the stoppage time, but the corners and free kicks were not on target. That valiant effort unfortunately came up short.With the loss, the Stingers’ record for the season is one tie and five losses.

The Stingers’ next match will be Oct. 1 at 6:30 p.m. against UQTR at Concordia Stadium.

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