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Alumni must maintain neutrality

by admin January 18, 2011

While I emphatically disagree with the support and general message conveyed in the recent statement issued by the alumni association regarding the crisis unfolding at Concordia, I take even greater issue with the fact that a statement was issued at all, for two reasons.

First, every single statement, press release, interview, event or other newsworthy piece of information that comes to light regarding this story provides journalists additional reasons to maintain this specific news item in the headlines, to prolong its news cycle, that much longer. By releasing this statement the Alumni Association has effectively provided fodder for journalists, thereby increasing the coverage of this situation. Every piece of negative press Concordia receives has the effect of devaluing my degree. It is in direct opposition to the mandate and interests of the Alumni Association to be doing so.

Second, by taking a stand on this issue the Alumni Association will create further divisions within the community of Concordia Alumni in Canada and across the world. It is simply not the place of the Alumni Association to be taking sides. It appears obvious that the Alumni Association should be directing its efforts towards bridging divisions between former Concordia students and faculty, not by fostering such divisions as it does by engaging in internal bureaucratic politics of the university. Neutrality has a time and a place, and if ever a time and a place existed, it is now.

I implore you to retract your statement immediately. I resent strongly the current executive of the Alumni Association having directly and personally involved me in this dispute; not in my name!

Greg Johannson

Former University Senator, 2009-2010

Former Arts and Science Faculty Councillor, 2007-2010

Former Political Science Department Councillor, 2007-2009

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