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Rookie Kaylah Barrett gives solid effort in loss

by admin January 18, 2011

McGill held a strong lead from the beginning, and within the first four minutes it was already 10-4. The Stingers fought back with two free throws by Kaylah Barrett and another basket by Nekeita Lee. McGill’s Valerie L’Écuyer sank another and with three minutes left Lee grabbed two more points.

After a Concordia time-out, Martlet Marie-Ève Martin, former Stinger Sebastien Martin’s little sister, gave McGill a five-point lead at 15-10. Stinger Andréanne Grégoire-Boudreau got two more and Tina Mpondani with a rebound got the ball to teammate Magalie Beaulieu, who effortlessly sank two more, leaving them trailing by only one point. It wasn’t enough for the Stingers, who finished the first quarter trailing by two points at 18-16.

Barrett started the second quarter with two more baskets, but it didn’t prove to be enough to keep the Martlets down, who along with the support of their crowd, kept lighting up the scoreboard. The game was so emotional that even the bench got involved, which the extremely unhappy and debatably unfair referees granted more than one technical foul to.

With five minutes left in the first half of the game, Lee was knocked down after a turnover before given the chance to make the basket. Luckily, her efforts still allowed them to maintain possession. Another foul on Anne-Marie Prophete gave them the opportunity for two more free throws, which she made. Prophete took a great pass from Beaulieu but she took a hit and made two more free throws. The somewhat violent first half ended at a disappointing 35-28 for McGill.

In the third quarter, after two minutes McGill, netted a three-pointer and Martlet Jessica Eng scored another two points. Stingers Barrett and Beaulieu sank a basket each, Beaulieu’s being the third-pointer she had been aiming for from the start, her hard work and persistence finally paying off. She added two more points on the board with the score then at 48-33. By the end of the third quarter, Concordia was trailing by twenty points at 60-40.

Two early fouls on Barrett and a basket from Lee gave the Stingers a chance to score another six points before McGill scored again. Barrett scored again with seven minutes left and Concordia called a time out. When play resumed, Martlet Frances Grout-Brown and Martin both scored a three-pointer and Beaulieu matched them, but a foul against Concordia before the basket annulled it. Kendra Carrie finished the game with two free-throws and a three-pointer at the buzzer, but the game ended at 72-61 for the Martlets.

The Martlets will visit the Concordia Gym for a rematch of last week’s game this Friday, Jan. 21. Tip-off is at 8 p.m.

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