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Weekly mixtape: Back in the swing of things

by admin January 18, 2011

Going back to school after the holidays is usually brutal, to say the least. Getting projects started and fighting the oncoming deluge of work whilst fighting the urge to procrastinate can be a challenge. This mix illustrates the extremes of these feelings: the excitement of starting new things and looking ahead, and the dread we can sometimes feel when getting back in the swing of things.


Side A: Procrastination

1. “Slow to Learn”- Sebadoh- The Freed Man- 1989

2. “Back on the Chain Gang”- The Pretenders- Learning to Crawl- 1984

3. “Boredom”- The Buzzcocks- Spiral Scratch- 1977

4. “Sub-Zero Fun”- Autolux- Future Perfect- 2004

5. “Leaving It Up to Me”- The Folk Implosion-The New Folk Implosion- 2003

6. “Revolution Come and Gone”- Beat Happening- Dreamy- 1991

7. “Hard Times”- Blakroc- Blakroc- 2009

8. “Slice of Life”- Bauhaus- Burning From the Inside- 1983

9. “Sooner Than You Think”- New Order- Low-Life- 1985

10. “Tomorrow’s World”- Killing Joke- Killing Joke- 1980

Side B: Action

11. “Start!”- The Jam- Compact Snap- 1983

12. “Ready For The Floor”- Hot Chip- Made In The Dark- 2008

13. “Dawn of the Age of Tomorrow”- Black Lips- We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers Grow- 2004

14. “Brand New Game”- Elliott Smith- The Moon Is A Lightbulb Breaking- (year unknown)

15. “Do It Now”- Mos Def- Black on Both Sides- 1999

16. “Time Is Coming”- Bongwater- The Power Of Pussy- 1990

17. “It’s Alright (Baby)”- David Cowan- Unreleased Demos- 2008

18. “Show The World”- The Apples In Stereo- Fun Trick Noisemaker- 1995

19. “Another Sunny Day”- Belle & Sebastian- The Life Pursuit- 2006

20.”Les Professionnels”- Air- Premiers Symptômes- 1997

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