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Being romantic on the cheap

by admin February 8, 2011

Valentine’s Day is a time of romance, seduction and frustration. An expectation to give your significant other an expensive gift can be hard for students who have a limited number of resources, in both time and money.

So rather than letting pressure from the media or friends make you feel inadequate in your gestures of affection this Valentine’s Day, use your personal creativity to show your special someone that you care.

It should be noted that it is vital to take the time to know your partner and to make the effort to find out what interests them. Part of what makes a gift special stems from the thought and effort that you take into finding that special something.

Using past memories:

If you want your creative ideas to be a success, it is important to link your gifts with a past memory from your relationship together, this is called creating the bond. Look for items that speak of a time you spent together. This could be a trip you took to a city, a museum, a restaurant, a certain movie theatre, etc. Use souvenirs like a ticket stub, a hat with the city’s name, a hotel room key or miniature model of a building to create a little box of memories from that trip. You can even put together a scrapbook, commemorating that time shared together.

Creating a menu:

If you are in a relatively new relationship, one of the easiest ways to really connect with your significant other is to cook a meal for them, or, better yet, with them. Plan a three-course menu and then head to the grocery store together. Throw in a candle or two and you have the perfect romantic atmosphere without breaking the bank. Plus, cooking brings people together.

Spelling it out:

Most people just text and email everything these days and it is becoming increasingly rare to receive a handwritten note. So rather than your significant other only receiving bills and junk mail this Valentine’s Day, mail them a personal, handwritten letter instead. This romantic gesture will score big points and cost you less than a toonie.

Another unique way to reach your significant other is to place a classified ad in the paper. It is a simple way to get your names together in the newspaper without having to announce your engagement.

Planning ahead:

If you are the adventurous sort of couple, how about organizing a treasure hunt around the city? You could have different wingmen and women help you by placing little gifts and clues at various sites. Bonus points if you can link it to memories from your relationship like the site of your first kiss or your first concert together. Adjourn the journey with a nice meal together.

Allowing for clichés:

Do not be afraid to turn to the tried and tested clichés. Take pictures together in an instant photo booth, write a song and/or poem (if you are creatively inclined). You can also save these things for next year when they will be even more appreciated.

Another idea is to organize a proper massage for your significant other. Good back rubs can go a long way, especially heading into mid-term season.

Remember: The true meaning of Valentine’s Day isn’t about Hallmark cards, teddy bears or chocolate boxes. It is about the time spent together, appreciating their company and letting your significant other know that you care. So don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with new ideas, the effort will (hopefully) be appreciated.

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