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Grand Burlesque Show

by The Concordian March 15, 2011
Grand Burlesque Show

Last weekend’s Grand Burlesque Show united some of Montreal and the world’s finest burlesque performers. This year featured a stunning tour around the world, stopping at destination places such as Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic. Showgoers were greeted by hosts in sparkling costumes at the well-decorated venue, and were treated to even more stunning costumes onstage – including organizer and performer Scarlett James sporting a live snake. James offered three nights of sexy, flirty fun featuring such artists as Montreal’s own Team Burlesque (Miss Sugarpuss, L. Diablo, and Seska Lee), Gentry de Paris, BonBon Bombay and even steampunk magician Professor Wick. The event wasn’t only about striptease; it also featured a contortionist, opera singer, tap dancers and a So You Think You Can Dance finalist. James’s next big production is the third annual edition of the Montreal Burlesque Festival in August. Photos by Tiffany Blaise:
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