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An anus to dye for

by The Concordian January 24, 2012
An anus to dye for


Bleaching your anus is slowly but surely becoming a staple of beauty trends in Western countries. This new procedure has been gaining much media attention. Major publications such as Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan have already talked about it, and jokes were even made about anal bleaching in the epic movie Bridesmaids when Kristen Wiig’s character tries to insult rival bridesmaid Helen for getting her anus bleached.


But what is anal bleaching anyway? Well, the area surrounding your anus is usually more pigmented and consequently darker compared to the rest of your skin. Right after waxing your anus, you apply an acid (bleach) or a whitening agent on that darker area that you slowly rub in. After a few applications, the skin around your anus will blend in perfectly with the rest of your booty.


Many choices are available to you if ever you were interested in having a pink anus. You can go visit a spa that will wax you, apply the bleach on your skin, and give you the bleach to take home. You then need to apply it approximately two times a week for the following eight weeks. The spa visit lasts approximately 20 minutes and costs around $100 to $150. You can also try over-the-counter bleaches and do it in the comfort of your own home.


It is important to say that we aren’t talking about your typical hair bleaching products. These are creams that contain a usually small percentage of hydroquinone, an organic compound used as a topical application that lightens your skin. These creams (sometimes gels) usually retail between $40 and $60.


Now where did this peculiar trend originate? From porn stars. Many noticed the darker hue of their anuses after waxing and wanted them bleached. The beauty secret spread throughout the business like wildfire and is now reaching us normal citizens. Anal sex has also become increasingly more mainstream and less taboo, leading people to be that much more keen on bleaching their anal area.


But applying harsh chemicals on your derrière can’t be harmless, right? “The skin around your anus is extremely fragile,” said Dr. Michèle Ohayon, a dermatologist. “The problem with these whitening agents is that they irritate the skin. Since the skin in the genital region is already that much more fragile than your regular skin, the possible side-effects outweigh the benefits of whitening the anal area. It could even lead to eczema [an inflammation of the epidermis.]”


What’s even scarier is that your genital skin can darken even after bleaching it. “Post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation of the skin can be a result of the irritation caused by the whitening agent,” said Ohayon. “This hyper pigmentation can even be permanent. It can eventually lighten over the years, but that’s not assured.”


On top of that, your anus will start regaining its natural colour after a certain period of time. You will have to reinvest in creams and subject yourself to more painfully irritating days.


But that’s enough for the technical information. I decided to take it to the streets and ask Concordia students their opinions on the subject. I noted that most of the students interviewed were very open-minded, even when it comes to unusual practices and kindly answered my questions about it.


“I don’t find anal bleaching too extreme,” said communications student Amanda.* “I would never do it because I don’t really feel the need to. If the colour of my skin in that area made me feel self conscious though, then I would do it.”


“I do find it a bit ridiculous,” said engineering student Aleksa Piečaitis. “But if it’s going to make you feel better about yourself, then do it.”


“Your partner may notice when you’re having sex, but I don’t think that it makes that much of a difference, it’s hardly ever seen,” added Piečaitis. “Unless if you’re modeling or have a reason where the colour of your anus might have a direct impact on your life.”


Two Concordia guys shared the same thoughts on the matter. “Personally I wouldn’t do it—I don’t see the necessity, but if someone I am with really likes to have their anus bleached I wouldn’t complain,” said Adam Delfino, studying software engineering.


To my surprise, the ones less open to talking about anal bleaching were the spas. I called many of them asking if they offered the service. All said no and quickly hung up. I even called medical spas where more extreme beauty and health services are offered, but all I got in return was a chuckle and an obnoxious denial to answer my questions.


So if you’re looking to invest in your booty’s complexion, then call dermatologists who are specialized in aesthetic procedures or even the aesthetician who waxes you and ask if they offer the services independently.


It is important to get informed concerning the risks of the procedures. Has your aesthetician or dermatologist ever done it before? Can you follow up with other clients who have already received the service and ask them if there were any complications? Also, conduct your research on the products you will be using. Some studies have shown that hydroquinone might cause cancer and was consequently banned in some countries.


There you have it folks, and just remember that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be attractive down there, but be smart about it and take care of your booty before your beauty.

*For privacy reasons, we have changed the speaker’s name.


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