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Six CSU councillors elect disqualified

by Marilla Steuter-Martin April 11, 2012
Six CSU councillors elect disqualified

On April 5, the Chief Electoral Officer of the Concordia Student Union, Ismail Holoubi, confirmed that six councillors elect had been disqualified for not submitting their post-election paperwork on time.

The councillors for the 2012 – 2013 academic year were supposed to file a return of election expenses with the CEO, and failing to do so, Holoubi disqualified them.

The councillors are Charles Brenchley, Johnny Alexandar, Veryan Goodship, Ali Talhouni, Rami Khoriaty, Yassine Chaabi and Bella Giancotta.

On April 11, Brenchley told The Concordian that he and the others, except Chaabi, had submitted an appeal of the CEO’s decision to the CSU judicial board. The group received confirmation that the request had been received and are awaiting scheduling of a public hearing.

The CEO has reportedly not been in contact with the disqualified councillors since the initial notification. He was unavailable for comment after repeated attempts to contact him this week.

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