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Fall 2012 Fashion Trend Spread

by Stephanie La Leggia August 28, 2012
Fall 2012 Fashion Trend Spread

Prints, prints and more prints
This fall, designers have taken prints to a whole new level: adorning their models in head to toe graphics. Whether it’s baroque style florals, geometric confusion or paisleys, there couldn’t be a better time to toss aside your fashion inhibitions and embellish yourself with any print you desire!

Snow White
Designers are constantly breaking the rules, making it a little difficult sometimes to keep up with whether full on denim is in or out. This fall, the fashion world has officially taken on white after Labor Day – a fashion faux pas I was never fond of. Until Indian summer is over, I wouldn’t rush to put away your white linen pants!

Femme fatale
Not sure about prints and white? Do not fret, black is still in, but this time with a rebellious twist. Designers have taken on black and created a wardrobe suited for Trinity in The Matrix. There is nothing understated about this year’s fall black leather gear.

Try on a sleek uniform
The military trend has had moments in the past, but this time around it has a classier feel to it. Whether it’s a cinched waist, gold embroidery or fur trimmings, designers have found a way to incorporate heels into the military uniform.


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