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Dragonette does no less than impress

by Michelle Pucci October 25, 2012
Dragonette does no less than impress

Dragonette visited Montreal on Oct. 19. Press photo.


I first saw Dragonette on their fall 2010 tour at the Cabaret Mile End. I remember walking up the stairs to the club’s ticket booth with a friend and tugging at the sleeves of my blazer in anticipation of the show. It ended up being one of the best concert experiences of my life.

When Dragonette performed at the Corona Theatre last Friday night, standing next to that same friend two years later, I was reminded of how much fun can be had at a live show. The band opened with “I Get Around” from their debut album Galore and kept the tempo up for their one hour and 15 minute set. They could’ve played every song they’ve ever written and the crowd would have still have sung along to every word.

The band’s third album Bodyparts was released three weeks ago and songs like “Riot”, “Live in the City”, and “Let It Go” were performed, along with their Kaskade collaboration “Fire in Your New Shoes” and Martin Solveig’s “Hello”.

Lead singer Martina Sorbara’s energy was contagious as she moved across the stage, and the lighting was perfect for a crazy dance party. Before the night was over, Sorbara performed the Bodyparts bonus track “Cuckoo” a cappella, showing off her vocals and proving that Dragonette isn’t just some average dance-pop band.

Photo by Michelle Pucci.

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