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Mixtape: SKA 101

by Veronique Thivierge October 9, 2012
Mixtape: SKA 101

Take out your dancing shoes and get ready to dance the weekend away to the sound and rhythm of flying trumpets. The 4th annual Montreal Ska Festival drops on Thursday, Oct. 11 and will stir up the city until Oct. 14. The festival offers an amazing program with must-see performers from the local and international scene. Check out the Launch Party, the NYC Showcase or All-Skanadian Night and you’ll have no choice but to “dance your butt away,” as the organizers put it. And why not end the weekend with a delicious Sunday ska-brunch at Ye Olde Orchard with Mitch Girio’s acoustic show. Your eggs and ska-con will never have tasted so good!

Let this compilation serve as your festival appetizer, for it features many of the artists playing this week.


SIDE A: Chill out, rock out

1. “Autumn Day” – Victor Rice and Chris Murray – Single

2. “Worth The Height” – The Harmonauts – Single

3. “Get Alright” – The Fundamentals – Get Alright

4. “Center City” – The Dropsteppers – Get Up In It!

5. “Blinding Light” – The Forthrights – The Forthrights

6. “In This Time” – King Django – Roots Tonic

7. “Desert Storm” – Treble Warriors – Single

8. “Salvation” – Westbound Train – Single

9. “Do It Right” – Mr. T-Bone feat. King Django – Single

10. “At the Smiling Buddha” – Mitch Girio – King Kong Girio


SIDE B: Fetch your dancing shoes

11. “Freddy Don’t Blow It” – Vinny Savage & The Wild Side – Demo

12. “Messing Around” – Deals Gone Bad – The Ramblers

13. “Kitchen Floor”- The Fundamentals – Leaving Me Behind

14. “Montréal brûle” – PL Mafia – Le Kid

15. “Firecracker” – The Aggrolites – IV

16. “Kenshin” – Sound One – The All Skanadian Club Vol. 5

17. “Streetlight” – Thundermonks – GET FED

18. “Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies” – Stepper – Single

19. “One Night” – The Beatdown – Single

20. “Home” – Chris Murray –  Raw

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