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Hot off the runway: fashion tips for 2013

by Tania Di Palma January 8, 2013
Hot off the runway: fashion tips for 2013

Yes, it is still chilly outside, but as starts spring blossoming on the distant horizon, don’t be so quick to throw away your fashion sense along with the cold weather, because some of this year’s winter trends are here to stay.

Colour, colour, everywhere!

This winter, cobalt blue and emerald green were a hit, and is set to flourish this spring, only this time, it will be from head to heels — literally!

Graphic by Jennifer Kwan

Say goodbye to wearing all black, it is time to be prepared to rock those bright jewel tones anywhere you go. Whether it is emerald green or even orange crush, monochromatic dressing will be every fashionista’s dream this spring. From Gucci and Hèrmes’ rich blues to Stella McCartney’s gem-inspired greens, to Fendi’s soft yellow, colour-blocking was a hit on the runways in every direction. The vibrant and bold colours will be sure to make a splash in every woman’s closet from tops and bottom wear to shoes. Any of these colours will surely make an instant impact, and a lasting one as well, as this trend is most certainly affordable to anyone. And not to worry, any silhouette will unquestionably pull off this colourful trend!


Black and white…and stripes

Not head over heels over the whole monochromatic look? Do not fear, black and white, and many bold stripes are zigzagging everywhere! Yes, when you think spring you think colours like pastel shades or florals, but this spring, black and white all-over stripes might just surprise you. Though some women do not praise the inmate influenced look, do not say no just yet as these stripes are nothing like we have ever seen before. They are big, bold, vertically and horizontally all over the place. They will not only give you that so-called burglar look, but they will most certainly steal everyone’s attention. American designers Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors embraced this trend; the uncomplicated stripes were worn from head to toe proving they are most definitely wearable. Be prepared to see these thick stripes interpreted through tops, skirts and dresses — it’s a new take on the rebel look.


Frills and ruffles, what more can a woman want?

Yes, ladies, the peplum trend that made us all look fantastic and fabulous this winter is not leaving us this spring. Though this trend made its mark in the 1960’s, peplum will only be expanding that much more this year. This time around, the ruffles will not only be at the waistline, but on the chest, sidearm, and bottom, as they seem to be multiplying and leaning towards a different edge. Balenciaga did it in black, Gucci and Marni in white, and Givenchy in grey, so rest assured these ruffles will come in every shade. Now, there is no excuse for those women out there who think they cannot find the peplum look in black or white, because I promise you, you will fall in love with this structured yet feminine look. To give this trend its fresh edge for the spring, ladylike ruffles in a soft pink will be sure to hit the shelves as well in every boutique. Designers have taken peplum to a whole new level with plunging and revealing necklines, for those warmer spring days, which are sure to turn heads. Make sure not to put those frills too far away in your closet when the snow begins to melt!


Rock it out leather

Designers will blow us away again this coming spring with leather pieces which are sure to rock the house. You may not think of wearing leather during warmer months, but go for it, it is fashionista-approved. We saw a lot of genuine and faux black leather pieces this winter. From pants, to dresses, to leggings, to those rocker-edgy combat boots, and this spring, leather will be the season’s staple. Leather-luxe pieces will be found in trousers, tank tops, and dresses — all boudoir inspired and blossoming in colours such as burgundy, blue, white and green. Everything becomes minimal when wearing a leather piece as you do not need to worry about accessories or shoes because the edgy shapes added to this trend has it all. Jason Wu, Yves Saint Laurent and Salvatore Ferragamo moulded leather in ways you never would have thought. Go on, give it a try, and release your inner rock goddess this spring.

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