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Weekly Mixtape: Handling the cold

by Suzanne Lafontaine January 29, 2013
Weekly Mixtape: Handling the cold

Normally, the weather is a topic of conversation reserved for old ladies and cashiers. These days, however, it seems to be all anyone knows how to talk about; and with good reason. Last week our city was hit with some of its coldest days in nearly three years. Cars weren’t starting, people were getting frostbite, trains were stalled and there were complaints aplenty. This week’s mix aims to acknowledge the fact that, yes, we’re all freezing our butts off. On the other hand, it also helps to remind us that nothing is stopping us from pretending that it’s summer. Once you make it through Side A’s songs that evoke the biting cold, either lyrically or musically, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy Side B’s feel-good summer warmth. Continuous above-zero temperatures may be months away, but if you imagine hard enough, this freeze is already on its way out the door.


Side A: Okay, It’s Cold as #$*% Outside

1. Walk the Moon – “Shiver Shiver” – Walk the Moon

2. Robot Koch ft. John LaMonica – “Nitesky” – The Other Side

3. Half Moon Run – “Full Circle” – Dark Eyes

4. Mumford and Sons – “Ghosts that We Knew” – Babel

5. Snow Patrol – “Those Distant Bells” – Fallen Empires

6. Switchfoot – “Twenty-Four” – Beautiful Letdown

7. Freelance Whales – “Kilojoules” – Weathervanes

8. Miike Snow – “Silvia” – Miike Snow

9. Breaking Benjamin – “So Cold” – We’re Not Alone Here

10. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – “Hand Covers Bruise” – The Social Network


Side B: The Musical Equivalent of Hot Cocoa

1. The Go! Team – “Huddle Formation” – Thunder, Lightning, Strike

2. MGMT – “Kids” – We (Don’t) Care

3. The Kooks – “Seaside” – Inside In/Inside Out

4. Empire of the Sun – “Walking on a Dream” – Walking on a Dream

5. The Zutons – “Always Right Behind You” – You Can Do Anything

6. fun. – “All The Pretty Girls” – Aim and Ignite

7. Hot Hot Heat – “Middle of Nowhere” – Elevator

8. OK Go – “You’re So Damn Hot” – OK Go

9. Beck – “Gamma Ray” – Modern Guilt

10. Ed Sheeran – “Gold Rush” – +

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