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The Concordia Student Union’s elections are coming

by Kalina Laframboise March 12, 2013
The Concordia Student Union’s elections are coming

The Concordia Student Union elections are approaching and the majority of executive candidates are running unopposed for the 2013-14 academic year.

The nomination period for potential applicants ended Friday and it was revealed Monday that 10 undergraduate students are vying for the eight spots reserved for the executive. The positions of VP student life and VP finance are the only roles that have more than one candidate.

John Molson School of Business Councillor Anja Rajaonarivelo and Fine Arts Student Alliance councillor Katrina Caruso are both competing for the portfolio of VP student life.

JMSB Councillor Pierre Tardivo, who joined the CSU during the November byelections, is running for the position of VP finance against Scott Carr, who campaigned for president of the Commerce and Administration Students’ Association for the upcoming year but lost.

Councillor Melissa Kate Wheeler is the only student running for president of the organization — the first time since the Unity slate ran completely uncontested for all executive spots in the March 2008 election.

Executive candidates:
Melissa Kate Wheeler – President
Caroline Bourbonnière – VP external
James Vaccaro – VP internal
Gene Morrow – VP academic and advocacy
Crystal Harrison – VP Loyola
Benjamin Prunty – VP sustainability
Pierre Tardivo – VP finance
Scott Carr – VP finance
Katrina Caruso – VP student life
Anja Rajaonarivelo – VP student life

Familiar faces within the Concordia political realm will returns as councillors including current VP clubs and internal Nadine Atallah, VP academic and advocacy Hajar El Jahidi and VP student life Alexis Suzuki.

During the Feb.13 council meeting, Councillor Chad Walcott asked if Atallah had intention of running for the upcoming election as an executive again and her response was no. However, Atallah never specified that she would not try to return as a councillor.

The total number of candidates applying for council is 21, but Chief Electoral Officer Andre-Marcel Baril said that he could not provide more information, including which faculties that councillors are representing, by press time.

Councillor candidates:
Wendy Kraus-Heitmann
Nikos Pidiktakis
Justin Occhionero
Yasmeen Zahar
Chuck Wilson
Hajar El Jahidi
Francis Boyer
John Talbot
Adam Veenendaal
Nadine Atallah
Alanna Stacey
Yassine Chaabi
Reenaben Patel
Vitali Gofman
Aaishah Karim
Radia Tbeur
Aaisha Malik
Omar Badawi
Sergio Del Grosso
Bilal Nasser
Alexis Suzuki

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