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All systems go for Café Racer’s Apollo EP launch

by Joseph Arciresi April 4, 2013
All systems go for Café Racer’s Apollo EP launch

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With the temperature in room hovering just below the boiling point of water, Café Racer took to the stage accompanied by the screams and cheers of the formidable crowd. The show took off with “No Time,” the punchy, snare-and-riff-filled first track off their new EP, which was being released that night.

The band then followed that up with the second track from the EP, “Go,” a fun, upbeat song that turns into pure funk in the last third. The smoky, wavering voice of frontman Myles punctuated by a bouncing bass line from bassist Shawn Forbes and crisp cymbals from drummer Josh Grant.

The crowd, dancing and cheering along, matched the high energy set by the first two tunes. One guy even crowd surfed. All the while, the songs became progressively and seamlessly mellower towards the middle of their set, reaching the ‘low point’ with the start of “Molly Doesn’t Move Anymore,” a sensual, swaying tune with soothing vocals.

The performance picked up again a few songs later, with “In n’ Out,” a song “as dirty as it sounds,” according to Myles. Equal parts funk, rock and innuendo, the energy was soon as high as the sweltering temperature in the small venue, accompanied by the customary profuse sweating and removal of shirts by most of the band.

The show came to a head with “Baychimo.” The slow start and relatively tame tempo belied the sheer intensity of the ending, which involved a wailing guitar section, culminating in an ear-shattering climax. The spectacle closed with “Black & White Rainbows,” also the last song on the EP – a song which managed to be simultaneously uplifting and calming, cheerful while lulling the now-drained crowd into bliss.

Just when they seemed to have spent the last of their passion and energy, and with the crowd begging for more, the members exchanged the briefest of looks before retaking their positions for an encore and going out on one final, glorious blaze of sound.

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Shawn4besfan20000 April 7, 2013 - 16:22

Great band and really fun show


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