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Get creative at Concordia — for credit

by Roa Abdel-Gawad August 27, 2013 0 comment
Get creative at Concordia — for credit

Concordia has one of the largest Fine Arts faculties in the country, and it would be remiss not to take advantage of some of what it has to offer. This year, instructors for courses include theatre directors, music producers, visual artists, and a Hip Hop MC. So if you’ve got room in your schedule, register for one of their courses and infuse your semester with inspiration. Here are some samples:

This year, instructors for Concordia courses are theatre directors, music producers, visual artists, and a Hip Hop MC. Graphic Jenny Kwan

FFAR 298J Art Forms Of Bollywood
Ah. The culture, the colour, the song and dance of Bollywood’s film history. In fact, emphasis on this course will be given on film music.
FFAR 298V The Art Of Cool
What’s cool, you ask? Concordia has an answer for that. In this course, taught by Montréal’s own Hip Hop MC, The Narcicyst, you’ll be dealing with the concept of ‘cool’ and its appropriation in media. Now that’s cool.

MPER 201 Orchestra I
Play an instrument? A musical instrument? Then you should join Concordia’s Orchestra. Auditions are held in the first day of class, and you can withdraw by the regular DNE deadline if you don’t make the cut.
PROD 211 Introduction to Theatre Production – open to all
Only for this upcoming year, this course, teaching students the components of professional theatrical operations, will be open to students in all faculties. Sign up now while you have the chance.
TPER 201 Introduction to Acting
Spend four hours each week expanding your physical language and expression, learn the art of improvisation, and put it all together for a performance at the end of the semester.

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