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Are we addicted to Bon Jovi?

by Tania Di Palma November 19, 2013
Are we addicted to Bon Jovi?

So Montreal, you’ve got a thing for Bon Jovi, don’t you? Well, apparently Bon Jovi has a thing for Montreal since they’ve performed numerous sold-out shows here, and the world over, countless times.

Photo by Mark Kent

The New Jersey rockers have been around since 1983, and hold the record for most sold-out shows for every single one of their tours. Their Because We Can tour marked a celebration for them—30 years of great rock n’ roll music and success. In fact, they continue to tour around the world for the simple reason, “because they can.”

No matter where Bon Jovi goes, no matter which country, which state or province, no matter which venue, inside or outside, center or stadium, they sell every single ticket. Now why is this? Is it because people have always been so in love with the band’s great looks and powerful anthems and ballads, or is it simply because they have stayed true and relevant to who they are, and who they have been from the start? The answer to that is both and so much more.

Since 1983, the band’s songs became about the people that listened to them, and as Bon Jovi grew, their fans grew with them.

The fans trust that at every single concert the band will give it their all, and they do. They’ve evolved, but still remain true to who they were and what they are and that is why until this very day they are still able to be at the top of the top.

As fans, we know that we can trust them and their music, through the good and the bad, the ups and the downs.

Bon Jovi hones and perfects the ideal arena rock experience each and every time. Enter a Bon Jovi concert and you get extreme passion, high energy, positivity, freshness, stage spectacle, and audience engagement.

Combine all of this together, and you leave the show speechless after three hours of nothing but pure rock n’ roll music coming from the heart and soul.

They assure you that you will come back and see them again because just once is not enough. There is an infectious enthusiasm in every single aspect of the show that takes you back to the ‘80s, puts a coin in the jukebox, and then comes back to the present—always leaving you wanting more.

On stage, they seem ageless, as if time never changed them; whether it be Jon Bon Jovi perfecting each and every high note while dancing with emotion, Richie Sambora hitting every guitar solo with his funky ‘80s outfits and priceless facial expressions, Tico Torres banging on the drums like there is no tomorrow or David Bryan playing on the keyboards—they have it all.

They infuse each show with plenty of life, and if you ask any Bon Jovi concert attendee, there will be no flaws noticed, as they make sure to make the crowd go wild with power anthems “Livin’ On A Prayer,” “You Give Love A Bad Name,” or “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

Their songs have always been about the real world, with words people can relate to. This is why they sell out every single concert everywhere they go. They give consistent entertainment and will make sure they beat the standard of their last show each time.

If you want to see a band that has consistently done their thing, and been consistent to their music style, Bon Jovi is the band to see, and that is why they’re still here.


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katzemawi November 19, 2013 - 09:48

you got it…exactly what they are and yes we are addicted to BON JOVI


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