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Concordia student launches Liberal Party campaign

by Kelly Duval November 26, 2013
Concordia student launches Liberal Party campaign

Concordia political science student, Jordan Gentile, launched his campaign on Nov. 20 to become the official candidate for Member of Parliament of the Pierrefonds-Dollard riding for the Liberal Party of Canada.

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Over 50 people were in attendance at the launch. The goal of the launch was to enable members of the community to become better acquainted with Gentile. Gentile is the current Riding President for the Federal Liberal Riding Association of Pierrefonds-Dollard.

“I was very happy with the result of the launch,” said Gentile. “The people who attended were both optimistic and encouraging and I had the opportunity to make some valuable contacts.”

As a Member of Parliament, Gentile would represent each person of the Pierrefonds-Dollard district in Ottawa.

“[I’d] ensure that they have their collective voices heard,” said Gentile, who described this as the most important task. He wants to represent his riding in Ottawa rather than have Ottawa represent them in the riding.

“The only way to properly represent your citizens is to know them,” said Gentile. To ensure this, Gentile said he’d meet with them on a regular basis and spend all the time he could in his electoral district.

“A Member of Parliament does not just attend fundraisers or meetings, they need to bring policy from the riding level to the national level and I vow to do that from the first day I am elected,” he said.

Gentile explained his experience has been rewarding thus far with the support of his family and friends who have helped to get the campaign going.

Working as the Riding President of Pierrefonds-Dollard for the past two years, Gentile said he realized the people in his riding deserve better.

“I truly believe that I possess all of the qualities to represent Pierrefonds-Dollard to the level they deserve,” said Gentile.

As he explained on his website, Gentile’s main objective as Riding President is to show his community that the Liberal Party is still alive and relevant in the district.

“I realized the hard work needed to begin rebuilding this party and began to rebuild the party from the ground up—starting at my local constituent level,” wrote Gentile. “I will put just as much muscle into winning this nomination as I have in rebuilding this riding,” he continued.

Besides his role as Riding President, Gentile is Regional President for West Montreal for the Liberal Party—part of Justin Trudeau’s Leadership program—and was chief organizer for Équipe Denis Coderre candidates in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro district during the 2013 municipal election.

Gentile said his political science courses at Concordia helped him gain a wide understanding of the political field, including both the academic and personal aspects.

“The greatest help has been the teachers. Having professors who are experienced in the field of political science has allowed me to understand what it takes to be a politician and what adversities I might face.”

The next step for Gentile is to meet and sign up Liberal Party members from the Pierrefonds-Dollard district, as this is required for anyone presenting themselves for nomination. Once the date of the nomination election is announced, Gentile will bring his members to vote. The nomination candidate with the most votes then becomes the official candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in Pierrefonds-Dollard for the next federal election.

“I am also going to take this opportunity to get even more known in the area because people need to know who their Member of Parliament will be,” said Gentile.

Those wishing to know more about Gentile can visit his website: www.jordangentile.ca

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