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Poet’s Corner – Heart Beats

by Karina Licursi November 5, 2013
Poet’s Corner – Heart Beats

We’re not standing on any ground

We’ve lost what we found

The paradigm is an illusion

Yet it has us all confined to confusion


Like an ancient monument; solid at first glance

Don’t touch it, or it’ll dissolve

Yet why are we holding onto

What we choose not to solve?


All you have is sink or swim

Let your artist in

Let go with the tide and float

When the heart beats, it makes the loudest note

Who can tell a wolf in sheepskin?

When one is blinded by a goat


When the heart beats, the soul marches on

Speak loudly, speak clear

Threats can’t match up to what we hold dear

Hey, at least we have each other

Hey, we have more to discover

Or maybe there is order in this chaos

Maybe it’s time to find what we’ve lost


When the heart beats, it doesn’t ask for much

Just that to let go of such and such,

And to make room for that much

It’ll be easier once duality collapses

So the heart beats… can come alive to the masses

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